Hire Me

(picture of me)Paul Bowers is an award-winning journalist who’s written for the (University of South Carolina) Daily Gamecock, the (Charleston, S.C.) Post and Courier and the (New York) Times. His blogs have been featured on Huffington Post, and his fiction and poetry have been featured in South Carolina magazines. He’s reported from West Africa and the streets of Columbia, S.C. He’s worked metro desk, copy desk and the cops beat. He’s covered breaking news, courts, politics, more politics, even more politicsarts and entertainment, immigration, sports, militaryreligion, you name it. Oh, and did I mention he shoots and edits his own photos, audio and video?

Mediaite called him one of journalism’s rising stars and said his work “demonstrates poignant, reflective commentary that has the potential to create powerful social change” (they also compared him to Jack Bauer from the TV show “24”). Pulitzer winner Connie Schultz, of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, said he “expresses his views with the logic and grace of a much older writer.” New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof called him “a thoughtful and sizzling writer.”

He’s graduating college in May of 2011. Want to give him a job?

Here’s his e-mail address: Paul.M.Bowers@gmail.com.


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